Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moonlight- Rachel Hawthorne

I see him and know what this turmoil inside of me means: He's the one. My forever.

Kayla is the nature lover, the all-American beauty who can't understand why she's so drawn to distant, brooding Lucas. Adopted as a young child, she has no way of knowing that she's inherited a terrifying-and thrilling-gene that will change her life forever.

Lucas is dangerous, gorgeous . . . and a werewolf. As leader of the Dark Guardians, shape-shifters who gather deep within the state park, he has sworn to protect his pack. But when Lucas finds his true soul mate, his love could put them all in harm's way.

As Lucas and Kayla struggle with their feelings for each other, a greater danger lurks: Humans have discovered the Dark Guardians and are planning their destruction. Kayla must choose between the life she knows and the love she feels certain is her destiny.

Werewolves and vampires, no matter how much I complain about them they are everywhere. In every book I pick up most times it about werewolves or vampires and they all have the same plot line, fall in love with the opposite main character, find that they are a vampire, face a problem that could lead to death, survive and continue to love them or die and they turn you, either way all the same, not that I mind, to be honest I love these books just its getting old, I want something fresh and new. So I was expecting the same plot when I picked this book up, but no, this book was different from the very first page. A few hours after I had started reading this book I was finished and I had loved every moment!

I loved (there's the L word again, I think I liked this book) how from the very beginning you know that Kayla is a werewolves. Technically we know this before even she herself knows, I found this a very good way to pull the readers in and keep them hooked, at least I know that's what did it for me, I wanted to read it, find the exact moment where she knows she a werewolves, and the moment when she falls in love with Lucas. Lucas... I love the way the author created the romance between Lucas and Kayle, it felt so real, like they were people you see everyday, not characters from a book. I was able to be pulled into the book and I cant wait to read the next in the series.

The plot. It was totally backwards from most the werewolf books I see on the shelves recently. A girl at a summer camp with her friend she hasn't seen in a while, she falls in love with a seemingly normal boy, but in fact he's a werewolf, the evil researchers who try and use them as experiments... yes like all the other books.. except for the fact that she saw her parent murder by wolves when she was little... or so she thought has made her terrified of the thought of wolves, so why isn't she afraid of the one she keeps seeing, why does she feel like she knows this wolf... as readers we know why because it's given to us at the beginning but to read it from her point of view again after, all the details leading up to that moment, brilliant!

For the reasons I have given above I rate this book from 1, I couldn't finish it to 10, unputdownable, a 10.

Forbidden Game- L. J. Smith

To lose the game is to lose your life in bestselling author L.J. Smith's THE FORBIDDEN GAME.

I bought this book after I finished reading her series "Vampire Diaries". I had loved her writting style and wanted to read more of her work. I found this the next time I went book shopping. I started reading it when I got home put it aside and got distracted, a week later I picked it up again and started reading it again only to put it down, and then a month later.. it's now been nearly a year and I have yet to finish this book. I could blame it on school work, my job, friends, not enough time in the day but truthfully it would be a lie, the reason I'm still reading this is becasue truthfully this book is just not able to get my full atention and keep it.

When I think about it, yes I do like this book, yes I should read it... but I have to do this this and this before I can... this happens everytime. I like it when I pick up and book and just forget about all the other things I have to do. The charactors where one of the best parts of this book, they felt real and I enjoyed the emotions they showed. The plot was also very good, geerally it keep moving forward but there were many dull moments between parts where I was bored.

And so with all this being said I rate this book from 1, I couldn't finish it to 10, unputdownable, a 3.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wake - Lisa McMann

Not all dreams are sweet.

For seventeen-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people''s dreams is getting old. Especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody- notices dreams, and the sex-crazed dreams. Janie''s seen enough fantasy booty to last her a lifetime.

She can''t tell anybody about what she does -- they''d never believe her, or worse, they''d think she''s a freak. So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn''t want and can''t control.

Then she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone. For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else''s twisted psyche. She is a participant....

I have been meaning to get this book for a long time now, so when I got $120 for chapters this year Christmas I decided to get this as well as other books,(some I have reviewed already some are on the way) and have some fun.

In 'wake' I loved how from the very first page the author shows that Janie isn't normal that she can slip into other people's dreams. In the beginning the book jumped around from present past tense so it made it a tad confusing but when you realize what was going on here able to understand. I found this helps the reader understand Janie's past and how this it dreamed walking, that's what I'll call it, has been happening since she was little.

Then there is her relationship with Caleb, though I found it a touch cliché that she would crush on him on after having always made fun of him when her and her friend were younger, I still found the relationship very cute. Ligula starts to act. I could feel Janie's confusion and anger towards him, I felt as if I were in her position… Almost as if I were her.

The plots in this book could be interested in reading until it was nothing left to read. I enjoyed reading this book I would recommend it to really anybody looking for an interesting read. so with all this being said I rate this book from 1, I couldn't finish it to 10, unputdownable, a 10.

Stolen- Lucy Christopher

This is how it happened: Gemma is on a layover in Bangkok, en route to a family vacation in Vietnam. She steps away for just a second. To get a cup of coffee. Ty--rugged, tan, too old, oddly familiar--pays for her frink. And drugs it. They talk. Their hands touch. And before Gemma knows what''s happening, Ty takes her. The object of a long obsession, Gemma has been kidnapped by her stalker and brought to the Australian Outback. To sand and heat. Emptiness and isolation. Where he expects her to love him.

I order this book online after reading the back blurb, I couldn't wait to read it! I was looking forward to a book that wasn't about vampires for once, something fresh, and that is exactly what this book promised. When I got it in the mail with three other books I had ordered at the same time. I read this one first and had only begun to read a few pages when I had to put it down.

Warning to those who read this book and are unaware this book is written in letter form from the captive to her kidnapper, I was unaware of this and although I enjoyed it, I wasn't use to reading a book like this and it took some getting use to. I found it harder to get into the characters, while other might disagree saying that is was easier for them this way, either way it was excellent when I got use to it. I loved the book.

When I finished reading the book though I felt something was missing, and after thinking about it for a few days I realized what it was, the emotions. Personally I've never been kidnapped and I hope nobody visiting this site ever has been, but to me it felt that there was lacking anger to Ty for kidnapping her.

Even after saying this I would still recommend this book to anybody looking for something that isn't about vampires and a writer who has a fresh voice. Stolen was very well written (even with the seeming lack of emotions) and I have now read it twice and will do so again in the future. And so with all this being said I rate this book from 1, I couldn't finish it to 10, unputdownable, a 7.