Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Duke's Trumpet

Now, I don't usually post things like this, but I couldn't help it. This post is copied over from my personal writing blog, but I couldn't help but share it here as well, because truth is, I'm SO excited for her!


It is my amazing friends release day, that friend is Claire E. Smith, you can find her in any of the links I've posted below.

Basically, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you for pushing through all your obstacles and publishing Time & Heart book one: The Duke's Trumpet.

You know how much I love Bas, and now I'm super excited that so many other people get to enjoy him and Mimi and the entire cast of characters you have created and worked on for so long.

If you want to check out The Duke's Trumpet, you can find it on Amazon HERE

The Duke's Trumpet from Amazon. com

Going from shy bookworm to butt-kicking avenger isn’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it….

All Mimi Mockel wants to do is read books 24/7. With nothing else to do on New Years Eve, she pays a visit to the New York City Public Library only to find they are closed for the evening. Spying an open window, she sneaks in and finds a mysterious book that appears to beckon to her.

She soon discovers the book is a rogue time-traveler’s diary and learns she has been chosen as the Prodigy. Suddenly, life is more complicated than Mom grounding her from her favorite library. Now she and her thirteen-year-old-brother Albert are thrust in a world where heroes aren’t read about, they’re made. And it’s up to her to save the future of 4218 from the terrible King Noctria who is winning a worldwide civil war.

When she learns that their-time traveling host, Sebastian “Bas” Barkley, is a notorious time thief, Mimi urges him to return everything he’s stolen from history, beginning with the trumpet of the legendary Duke Ellington. But Bas will only agree if she will learn alchemy as the Prodigy.

Soon she discovers a new world completely different from her own. Along the way, Mimi befriends others who are fighting for the cause. But when the cruel Ambassador of Time, Captain Deatherage, murders one of her friends, suddenly becoming the Prodigy just got personal.

Claire can be found around the internet:


Maybe these release date celebrations should become a blog feature? What do you think?