Review Policy

Please take the time to read our review policy

Genres We Review
Each reviewer accepts different genres. Please e-mail only the reviewer that meets the needs of your novel. To see our individual tastes, check out 'Meet the Reviewers'.

E-books & Self- Published Books
We are accepting E-books and Self-Published books. Please read below to see how to submit a request.

To Submit A Novel Please Follow These Steps

-E-mail us a brief synopsis of you novel you wish for us to review. Do not send PDF in this first e-mail. We will not read!
Make it clear who you are submitting your novel to in the SUBJECT of the e-mail.
Put the name of your book in the SUBJECT of the e-mail.
Put REVIEW REQUEST in the SUBJECT of the e-mail.
Subject lines should look like this: Becca/ Review Request/ Your Book Name
If your subject line does not follow this format there is a chance that your novel will not be considered for review.

-If we like the idea we will e-mail you back with a request for a PDF or Epub version of your novel only.
Once you send us your work do not e-mail us again to check on the status of your book. We will not respond.

-We will e-mail you once we have posted your review with a direct link to the review.

Do We Respond to Every Email?
No. We try our best but due to the large number of request we get we do not get a chance to reply to everybody. If we are interested in your novel we will send you an email.