Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight Adventure-Ciye Cho

Title: SHIEWO: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure

Author: Ciye Cho

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 155

Short blurb: "In the faraway universe of Orberana, Captain Shiewo is about to embark on a search for
the Wishing Fish that created all life. With the help of a talking cloud, a tea-brewing bamboo, and a surly
goldfish, Shiewo will use her musically-powered flying ship to rise above the clouds. And, in search of
wishes, what she will find is the adventure of a lifetime..."

Review: This book starts off crazy, and carries that theme all the way through. I found the book to be a bit
over the top for my personal tastes but it is definitely a fantasy novel set in a fantasy universe that I can’t
even begin to comprehend. I find this novel over the top not because of the different creatures or even
the flying ship, but because of the absurdity of the mechanics of how things are said to work. If the short
blurb catches your interest or you like books that that make almost no sense what-so-ever, then this is a
novel that you should pick up. Now if you’re more like me and like to have a novel set where your fantasy
is still “playing by the rules” then this book is probably not for you.

Over All Rating: 5/10


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