Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dark of the Moon-Tracy Barrett

Title: Dark of the Moon

Author: Tracy Barrett


Release Date: Available now

From The Back:It isn't true what they say about my brother--that he ate those children. He never did; he didn't even mean to hurt them. He wept as he held out their broken bodies, his soft brown eyes pleading with me to fix them the way I always fixed his dolls and toys. I couldn't fix the children, of course. They were dead, their heads flopping on their necks, their arms and legs pale and limp. My mother ordered the slaves to take them away and give them a decent burial, and I held my brother as he sobbed over the loss of his playmates. When the replacement children died as well, my mother said: No more playmates. My brother wailed and roared in his loneliness, deep beneath the palace, until the Minos took pity and said: Just once more. But not children from Krete. The people would stand for it no more, he said. And so they came in their long ships.

My Review: I thought I would love this book, it's a new twist on a myth, and I LOVE me some retellings of myths. Although I loved the concept of the Minotaur just being a misshapen boy with a loving sister, I don't think he was in the book enough. A lot of the time I stumbled over the names in this book, unsure at how to pronounce them--there are some that are easy others that left me clueless. I felt Dark of the Moon was slow, and I couldn't really get into it until the last 75-pages or so.  

Reviewer: Ashe


  1. What a shame that you didn't like it so much. The whole concept sounds great and I'm a fan of mythology, but most of the times I hate slow books..

  2. The whole concept of it did sound great, and I'm a huge fan of mythology but like you, I'm not one for slow books most times


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