Friday, December 17, 2010

How To Be Bad- E.Lockhart, Lauren Myracle, Sara Mlynowski

Two best friends and the new girl take off on a road trip, only they each have their own reasons for the road trip. Jesse to hide from the fact that her mother has breast cancer, Vicks' to see her boyfriend, and Melony to have a chance at being normal and actually making friends. The three girls really have only one thing in common in the beginning and that is the fact that they all work at the Waffle hut, Vicks a cook, Mel, and Jesse waitresses. Along the way the three run into trouble, trouble in the form of a hurricane, fighting with each other, boy problems, and secrets that causes secrets between the three.

I don't even remember why I picked this book up, but I had been meaning to pick it up for a while and when I did, I definitely did not regret it. Don't let my horrible summary of the book deter you because I assure you it is much better than my ramdolings on it. This book is emotional, and extremely humourous. The co-authors of this book definitely fit together very well, and you can tell in the way the book is written that they had a lot of fun writing it. One of my favourite scenes is when they visit old Joe, and I'll let you read the rest :)

But yes pick up this book it is definitely a good and quick read.

Blog Note: We apologize about the lack of reviews coming out right now, it is almost Christmas and things are hectic. And I am dealing with my parents splitting up right now. So please forgive us for sure late and short reviews during this time.

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