Friday, December 17, 2010

Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klaus

Here is just a note first off, if you have seen the movie and not already read the book you will find that the book is extremely different from the movie. About the only things that the movie and the book have in common are the names of the characters, and the fact that they are lupe garu.

At first I saw the movie first and I had no idea that there was a book, fortunately for me searching it up on googlee brought me to the amazon page for the book. That Christmas I got it as a Christmas present, started reading it that day. And since then I have reread the book probably a total of four times, so the rereadable quality of the book is definitely there. It is a smaller book, easy to read, and has extremely different views on the transformation of the wolves, and what they look like which is refreshing.

I absolutely adore this book, and compared to the movie it blows it out of the water, then again books are always better than their movies correct? The relationship between Vivian and Gabriel, and Aiden are written in amazingly well. And just going to say if you liked the movie ending, you probably wont like the ending of the book (even though it is a totally better ending and makes a heck of a lot more sense than the movie). I digress, but this is definitely a reread and a quick easy read, the book is small enough that it can slip into a coat pocket or inside a purse to take with you on the go.

It is definitely one of my all time favourite werewolf books. By the time you finish you are going to want their to be a sequel to this book it is so good.

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