Friday, December 17, 2010

Infinite days- Rebecca Maizel

“Once the most feared vampire in the world, Lenah Beaudonte wants what all vampires eventually want: to be human and feel, love and even cry again. After an elaborate ritual that involves the death of her soul mate for the last 592 years and a 100-year secret hibernation at her English countryside estate, Lenah awakens at an elite New England boarding school, returned to her former 16-year-old human self. As she adjusts to the new century (almost too quickly, “chatting up” friends in mere days), tries to fit in with her peers and experiences her first human love with gorgeous and intelligent Justin and guilt for her past ruthless killings, flashbacks across the centuries reveal Lenah’s former life as a vampire, how she formed the coven she rules and why she must prepare to battle its members once they discover her disappearance. In this new series starter, strong, brave, powerful Lenah sheds the wannabe image, capturing readers instead with her complex yet fascinating history and visceral, at times sensual, narration.” - Kirkus

I was hesitant to buy this book when a friend shoved it in my hand when we were out book shopping (that's right I go out shopping, just for books!) I mean after all right now all you see on the shelf is books about vampires and to be quite frank, I'm getting sick of them, they are good in moderation but not when thats all you see (I'm big on not doing whats in style at the time). So I wrinkled my nose in dismay as I cracked open the book while I was laying in bed a few weeks later after have bought the book and having it sit on my shelf until there was nothing left for me to read.

The first page, to me was like every other vampire book that had been written, so back it went on my bookshelf, I could do without a book for a few days until I could get out book hopping again. The next day I was reading it again, I just can't go a day without reading, and I will admit I was wrong about it being like any other vampire novel, in parts it was a tad dry and could have use something extra to spice it up but there were also many things in there that are different from other books about vampire books (no they don't sparkle) and I'm not going to list them all (a love worth dying for, a second chance at love, first love never dying) you are going to have to go out a buy it yourself, which I now highly recommend doing.

Over all I give this book from 1, I couldn't finish it to 10, unputdownable, I rank this book an 8, for it didn't grab me right away and I did want to put it down in the middle, yet it was also an amazing read I couldn't help but not put i down for the promise of what to come was so sweet and appealing.

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