Friday, December 17, 2010

Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink

I remember seeing this book when it had the original cover of the two statues side by side and saying to myself "hey I should pick that up next time," and of course I did not. But seeing Prophecy again on the shelves earlier this year (? maybe last year) I had to pick it up. And that was just what I did on one of my book binges. I picked up the book, followed Michelle on her blog, friended her on facebook after a little while, and follow her and her daughter's twitter accounts. No I am not stalking her, even if that is what it sounds like. Michelle is a really great person, and the soundtrack her son Kenneth composed for the books is just amazing.

This book is amazing.

I wasn't sure how I would like it at first because I do not usually read anything set back in time, but this had the fantasy element to it that kept me hooked. That element is the twin sisters, one is destined to be the Guardian, the other the Gate and how because of the way of their birth, their destinies were mixed. Alice is by far one of the best villains I have ever had the opportunity to read, she is just...evil to say it right. The gothic time the novel is set in reflects the guardian and the gate part of the novel, at least it does to me. Beautiful and haunting.

Prophecy of the Sisters is book one in a trilogy. Guardian Gate is out now.

I strongly recommend getting this book, and following Michelle which ever way is easiest. Like I said before she is a great person, and is great to talk to.

Michelle's blog and website:

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