Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dragon naturally speaking


Today, I parents and myself went out shopping and somehow managed to end up at Staples. Remembering that I had been asking about voice recognition software, my dad asked if they had any in stock. They did, and it turns out that it was on sale, instead of $100 I was able to purchase this device for only $70. Not only did I buy one for myself, but also the one for Ashley. So, the review below this entitled "Halo" was written using Dragon voice software.


And even though, this is fairly new to us. I would seriously recommend Dragon software. If you have wrist problems at all or wrist pain like Rebecca or me. oh, and this is Ashley now by the way. I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for five years and I'm only now just getting Dragon and it's amazing. So, if you're in need of voice recognition software. This is one thing that I could. They recommend. Also Dragon is a great tool is you are a writer and have trouble typing for long periods of time, or can not get all of your thoughts onto the page.

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