Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Greatest of These- Sarah Fall

Tile: The greatest of these

Author: Sarah Fall

Publisher: Ebook (buy hardcopy on author's wedsite)

Pages: There is no exact page count given. Approx word count is 370,841.

From the back of the book: Love is the greatest of all...

Charlotte Overholt is used to responsibilities in her teenage life, but they're quickly multiplied when she learns her father has Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. As "Charlie" adjusts to these changes, she becomes acquainted with her father's good friend, Adam Clark. When Charlie's friendship with Adam blooms into something unexpected, Adam suddenly finds himself in a situation he never dreamt possible.

Middle-aged Adam Clark is a confirmed bachelor, settled in his ways with no hope of ever changing. But this unassuming Master Plumber has a big secret that not even Charlie can anticipate, and when it comes to light, no one in their small town will ever be the same again.

Review: A few years ago while looking for something good to read I stumbled across this one website, filled with books of romance and true love. While trying to think of a new book to read for the site and bring attention to a 'new author' I say new because not many know of her. I suddenly remembered Sarah Fall and her books that I had loved so much a few years ago.

When I began re- reading I will admit I was bored. The opening chapter is very slow, giving background on the characters and their family. This is needed information but it was slightly boring. As the book moves on into the next chapter the story picks up speed and the plot becomes more exciting. But the book doesn't really begin until Charlie meets Adam.

Now, Adam Clark, can I just say YUMMY! Why are there no guys like him anymore.. Charlie I wish I were her at some points in this books, the romance is one I wish I could have.

I hadn't already read this book I don't think I would have continued with it. I highly recommend for people to continue reading as this is one of the best e-books I have read online. And if you can't read the books online and would like to order one or simple want to just HAVE the book to read, you can order the book online (instructions on Sarah Falls website)

Sarah Fall is a Christian Romance writer but doesn't push God on you as a reader like some books do. If you are a person who either doesn't believe or is unsure I would still recommenced this book to you and even to those who do believe, this is a must read!

Rate: For the reasons I have given above I rate this book from 1, I couldn't finish it to 10, unputdownable, a 9 1/2.


  1. Sarah, is a gifted writer, and everytime I read her books, I get lifted. She paints a good and clear picture of what Love should be like. I do pray to find such pure and beautiful love!!!

  2. I have never met any good romantic christian writer as Sarah, she is just the best to me.


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