Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins

First thing is first, if you haven't read Hex Hall WTH is wrong with you? I mean how can you go wrong with a school for deliquent witches, fairies, and shifters? And the romance oh god...Oh and demons did I forget to mention demons?

Well Demonglass does not disappoint, though through most of the book it doesn't seem like a whole lot of "action-y" stuff is going on until the last quarter or so, but the way it is written keeps you interested and on your toes.

Now I literally just finished reading Demonglass, and I am all over the place, I'm talking ALL OVER THE PLACE! This book made my pulse race, it made me yell at it or rather certain characters, it made me SQUEE! and Awwww and it made me laugh. Sophie's smart-ass comebacks and her sarcasm are so well written,actually the entire book is well written.

So if you haven't read Demonglass yet, you damn well better!

If I were to use a rating system, Demonglass is definitely a 50 out of 10.


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