Thursday, September 15, 2011

Emma And The Walkabout Gnomes- Marcus Clearspring

[[Unfortunately I am unable to post the cover at the moment]]

Title:Emma Meets the Walkabout Gnomes
Author: Marcus Clearspring
Pages: 52

Summary: The Walkabout Gnomes are left by the house owners whose yard they live in, but they have forgotten to check their waterproofing! The Gnomes leave the yard for the first time, discovering the world outside of their home.

My Thoughts: This was something that we don't normally read, but I decided to take it on for a change of pace. From the cover, I immediately think middle grade, and through further reading it very well could be classed as middle grade except for the odd curse word here and there. To me it looks like the cover has been hand done (or computer drawn) and I commend the author for getting this cover done, the bright colours are appealing, and the manga style of the cover to me is more associated with graphic novels, but the cover is nice none the less. The little pictures at the beginning of the chapters works well with the younger feeling of the book. The Gnomes, are charming little characters and I love how they are pretty much garden gnomes, running from the rain (because they're waterproofing is wearing off! I love that little bit). The font size of the ebook is nice, big and easy to read (Yes!).

Rating: 3 out of 10

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